mukula is a Canadian-Finnish textile design company specializing in products for the home. The brand was launched 2012 with their first collection of beautiful bath towels. Finnish Designer Nora Fleming is inspired by nature and the simple nuances and experiences of everyday life. mukula is all about playful, Scandinavian design.

Founders and cousins, Nora Fleming and Kaija Pitt grew up surrounded by design, modern art and architecture and share a passion for their Finnish heritage. While Nora lives in Finland and Kaija in Canada, they have married their aesthetic values and love of northern nature to create products that are pure, fresh and authentic.

Their creative sensibilities have been influenced by the incredible design pedigree found in both their families. Their grandfather, renowned Finnish architect Viljo Revell, designed Toronto’s new City Hall. Kaija’s paternal grandfather was design and branding pioneer Clair Stewart.

As Creative Director for mukula, Nora designs from her hometown of Helsinki, Finland. In Toronto, Canada, Kaija heads up the business, marketing and logistics of mukula as President of the company. Despite having offices thousands of miles apart, Nora and Kaija’s talents and strengths compliment each other allowing for a seamless collaboration of their individual expertise.

Their first collection is called The Ocean and features three different patterns; Wave, Stripe and Splash. The inspiration for The Ocean is two fold. It comes from Nora’s love of the landscape that surrounds her island cottage in Finland and from her passion for Finnish design, architecture and the work of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Clean and simple, these playful patterns bring a modern twist and instant charm to any bathroom. The styles and colors are created to mix and match.